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Fire Door Inspections

O'Connor Door has certified Fire Door Assembly Inspectors to perform annual inspections in accordance with NFPA80 requirements which have been adopted by many state and local building codes.

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Architects will be incorporating Fire Door Assembly and record keeping in the hardware section of the specification by requiring the annual inspection of fire door assemblies and written reports of those inspections in accordance with NFPA80-07.

Fire Marshals and other AHJ's will be asking for Fire Door Assembly Inspection reports when they perform their annual fire safety inspections. Some Fire Marshals and AHJ's may require Fire Door Assembly Inspections even on new buildings prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. 

Building Owners and property managers are responsible for initiating the Fire Door Assembly Inspection for every building they own or operate. they must maintain a written record of the inspections for review by the code officials. NFPA80-07 is retroactive to existing buildings.